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Fast, simple, and safe shipping options for your goods.

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Our network of global service partners means we can get your freight anywhere in the world fast.

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We’ll do the hard work for you. Let us store, pack, and distribute your goods while you handle business.


Need a safe and secure warehouse to store your businesses valuables? We’ve got you covered.

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Our global shipping network can transport any shipment, any size, anywhere in the world. We make it simple for you to connect your business on a global level.

When it comes to supply chain logistics we’ve got you covered. We take the confusion out of container shipping so you can focus on your business. 

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Our global network of shipping trucks allows us to ship any cargo anywhere. Our wide range of options allows us to cater to any type of cargo, and our experience drivers make sure your cargo is delivered safe and fast. 

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Our warehouse storage facilities are climate-controlled, secure, and use the most up-to-date and efficient methods for sorting and distribution. This ensures your product gets to your customers fast. 

Air Freight

Need to get your product to your customers fast? Let us take your business  global with our fleet of cargo planes.  Our top of the line planes are piloted by the best in the business to make sure your product arrives safe and on time. 

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In an industry, as global, elaborate, and ever-evolving as shipping, changes and adjustments are inevitable – and this is especially true as the world emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic. But no matter what, rest assured that we are doing everything in our power to make sure that your cargo arrives at its destination on time.

What factors influence container shipping costs?

Among the factors to be taken into consideration are requested time for the loading; place of loading; type of goods; shipping company.

  • When a specific time for the loading is required, an additional charge could be added. Furthermore, whether the company exceeds the franchise, extra costs could be charged.
  • The place of loading must correspond to the one indicated in the booking. Modification, where necessary, might require extra costs.
  • There are costs related to the type of goods you are willing to ship. Dangerous or IMO goods, for example, require specific procedures and their cost is defined at the time of request.
  • Each company applies its own rates. Our experts identify the company which best suits your needs.
What are the documents required for sea freight shipping?

There are typically two documents to be provided: the commercial invoice including HS code for each good and the dual-use export license. In addition to these two documents, when shipping to a country with which the EU has a trade agreement, the EUR.1 certificate could be provided. This document gives the importer in the country of destination the right to a discount or even exemption from import duties.

What are the differences between a 20ft container and a 40ft container?

The differences concern both cubic capacity and weight that can be loaded. A standard 20ft container can hold up to about 21.500 kilos of goods (24.000 kilos tare weight included) and has an average capacity of 30 cbm; there also certified containers that can hold up to about 27.500 kilos of goods (30.480 kilos tare weight included). A 40 ft container can generally squeeze about 60 cbm worth of goods inside and you can load 26.500 kilos of goods (30.460 kilos tare weight included).

How long in advance do i have to book the shipping? What is the cutoff date?

Everything depends on the sailing date and the cutoff date. The cutoff date is the last date or time at which cargo will be received for a particular vessel. This date is determined by the carrier, but is typically 2 days before the scheduled sailing. After cutoff date, the company does not accept bookings and it is necessary to consider the next available vessel. We therefore recommend to book in advance to be sure that your goods are loaded at the desired time and to better manage all the details of your shipping.

What factors should i take into consideration before shipping?

Much depends on the characteristics of the goods: different types of cargo require different measures for transportation. With hazardous or dangerous goods, it is crucial to follow proper dangerous goods packaging procedures and protocols to make sure the air carrier will accept the shipment. Goods that are not dangerous require proper packaging to adequately protect products from being damaged during shipment.

Client Testimonials

“Easiest shipping experience I’ve ever had, getting our product out has never been so simple”

Peter Killinger

Distribution Manager, Denver Supply Co.

“We ship a lot of fragile goods, other shipping companies were costing us a fortune in broken product. ADEX has been a game-changer.”

Arthur Voigt

Supply Chain Supervisor, California Research Supply

“Chocolate is temperamental and finding a good shipping solution can be hard but since we partnered with ADEX it’s easier than ever.”

Cheryl Conners

Senior Manager of Logistics, Dulciana Fine Chocolates

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